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Wedding Entertainment Guide from Pelican GrooveI was asked today: If I were getting married, who would I book for my South Wales wedding entertainment?

I can answer that without hesitation, so I thought I’d share my wedding entertainment plan with you all.

Ceremony Wedding Entertainment

At my wedding ceremony, the wedding entertainment I would are:

  1. A wedding harpist, perhaps with a soprano singer to accompany her.
  2. A wedding string quartet to accompany any hymns, and to play people out.

Why do I need two types of wedding entertainment? Well, I’m a musician, so wedding entertainment is a very important part of my day. I love the sound of the harp, it’s such a beautiful instrument, I would want my guests to be welcomed with soothing Welsh music & relaxing tones. However, for the processional and to accompany hymns, I feel the harp may be a little “lost”. A wedding string quartet, however, would be perfect for this. I would love the quartet to play as my bride walked down the isle, accompany the hymns, and perform chilled-out covers of modern songs while the guests left the church.

Champagne Reception Wedding Entertainment

Jazz Quartet Wedding EntertainmentFor my champagne reception the only choice for me is a jazz quartet. I love the idea of the sun shining, our close friends and family mingling on the lawns with a cool wedding jazz quartet filling the air with uplifting music. Once the ceremony is over, I would like to make the whole event feel more like a summer party – in essence, less formal. If you’re looking for a more formal feeling, asking your string quartet to accompany your drinks reception is probably a better idea – but that’s not for me! On that note; I’ve had an epiphany. What about a Klezmer Band? I have no Balkan routes, but the thought of a Gipsy party band sounds brilliant… I’m picturing all my friends hopping about on the lawn in the sunshine, having a great afternoon! After, that’s what it’s all about – right? It would have to be the Klezmer Kollectiv, of course!

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

This is the only part of my day that I am yet to settle on the perfect wedding entertainment. Depending on the size of the event, live music could be over-powering. I like the idea of an old, bar-style, piano player playing some Honky-Tonk. I know the pianist I’d want, but I don’t know how practical it would be to get an upright piano into my wedding reception venue! If I choose to avoid live entertainment for the wedding breakfast, I would ask a DJ friend to create a chilled-out dinner set. Maybe 2-3 hours of mixed music that would build up from jazz & easy-listening, to chilled-out Ibiza classics. A set that would segue nicely into the evening party would be fantastic, and I know only too well how much difference good music makes to a day. The design of the PA system is important to make a DJ set work, you’d need to have 4-6 small speakers positioned around the room at a low volume so that no single part of the room was over-powered by sound.

Evening Wedding Reception Entertainment

OK, I confess that I’m being biased, but it would have to be Pelican Groove wedding band. This is why:

  • We have, without question, the best singer in South Wales. Arguably the best wedding singer in the UK!
  • Our setlist covers a wide repertoire of music, from the 60’s to modern chart hits
    • Sure, we’re not the only band to do that, but we’ve built up our experience playing 100% live soul for 10 years. With live soul, you’re in the hot seat! The band learn to work off each other, grow musically and challenge each other whilst being true to the heritage of soul music. It’s no easy task, but we’ve nailed it!
  • Everyone says they have professional sound and lighting, but we really do! We’ve invested over £40k in our PA and lighting rig, it’s a concert sound rig that (literally!) blows the other bands out of the water. It’s a very controlled system and we have an excellent sound engineer to manage it. Even if you have the best band in the world, if their equipment isn’t up to scratch they’re not gong to sound very good.
  • I want a band that genuinely have fun on stage, rather than choreographed dance-moves and set pieces. If the band are having fun, that rubs off on the crowd and THEY have fun too!

Are there any other bands that I would consider? Of course there are, I’m often impressed by wedding entertainment and I would consider another band. The exact band would depend on the style of music I wanted. If Pelican Groove are already booked, drop me an email and I’ll suggest some alternatives.